Benefits the Film Industry



.film domains are only available to members of the Film Industry.

.film has strict policies in place to protect the namespace and serve the needs of the Film Industry.

Public registrants are not eligible for .film domain names.

A restricted namespace provides exclusive access for the Film Industry to register film title domain names and domain names relating to their organizations, products and services.

Verification and Safeguards


The registrant must be a member of a recognized film industry association or body.

.film domain names must be closely connected to a film title, entity, company, product or service.

If the domain name is a film title, the registrant must own the film rights to the film title.

If a .film title domain name infringes on the rights of an existing film title, the registry has a dispute mechanism in place that allows the affected party to lodge a complaint under the policy rules. 

Industry Opportunity


.film offers the Film Industry a unique opportunity to reinvent their approach to online content provision.

.film offers consumers an efficient approach to engage directly with authoritative content.

More effective online film marketing means reduced overall traditional marketing spend per film and increased revenue generation opportunities.

.film provides the Film Industry with a readily recognizable namespace to promote their products and services.

A united Film Industry behind .film collectively promotes a single space devaluing non authentic sites in other namespaces.

This is a once-off opportunity for the Film Industry to embrace the next generation of internet navigation at the ground level.

Global Film Industry Support


.film is working together with the Film Industry to promote the use of .film as an industry standard.

Through the support of the Film Industry, .film domain names will raise awareness of genuine and authoritative content.

.film is the only TLD that has policies in place developed in consultation with the Film Industry to safeguard the rights of the Film Industry.