Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is .film?

.film is a new internet extension that is dedicated to the film industry. Since officially launching in October 2015, organisations and individuals around the world are now creating .film websites to promote their products and services. Some examples of use include:

  • Film Titles
  • Film Festivals
  • Non-profit Organisations
  • Film Awards
  • Individuals
  • Production/Distribution Companies

How do I register a .film domain name?

.film domain names must be registered at an ICANN accredited registrar. You can find a full list of registrars that are accredited to sell .film by clicking here

How much does a .film domain cost?

The cost of a .film domain name varies between registrars. Please contact your domain registrar of choice about their latest offering. You can find a full list of accredited registrars here.

What is a premium name?

Premium domain names are highly desirable domain names that have an established Internet presence and a solid traffic history and are offered at prices commensurate with their value. For further information, please refer to the Registration Policy.

How do I search for the owner of a .film domain name?

The WHOIS service provides information on ownership of a .film domain including its nameservers and sponsoring Registrar. It also tells you if the domain you are looking for is available, registered or reserved.

Why does the WHOIS service say the domain name is reserved?

Some domain names have been reserved by the Registry for security, stability and operational reasons. For further information, please refer to the Registration Policy.

What does gTLD mean?

The acronym gTLD stands for generic Top-Level Domain. Current gTLD’s include: .com, .edu, .net, .org, .gov. In addition, there are also country code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD) such as: .au, .de, .uk, etc. The complete list of gTLDs and ccTLDs is available from:

Film websites are no longer just a place for short term film promotion

The internet offers a film permanency and perpetual access

The internet offers a film permanency and perpetual access


establishes the home of the film online


The website will be updated to contain the official full length trailer/s


Release information is added including any other interactive components and features